Tuesday, February 23

Phraseology hangover

Today Minka asked me when I was going to write something new so I have to scribble something, right? Although it's messy. Well here I am! Some school-related updates. Maybe this blog should be about school? Anyway ... :)

Yesterday the spring semester started for Slovene students. And today I had my first lesson on Slovene lexicology, phraseology and word formation. Phraseology is funny. Not particulary in one language but when you try to transfer a set phrase from one language to another, that's when it becomes a bit funny.

For example: I remembered a funny story that happenned when I was doing no. 11 on my "Holidays to-do-list". We went to the best (and the only) discoteque in Slovenia to a party. About an hour away from my place. I had to drive back home because everyone else were ... well, you know ... hammered. :P We were pulled over by the police and I was reaaaallly nervous because that was my first experience with it so I was shaking and babbling stupid things. Then I didn't find my documents. Then I didn't know where all the equipment is because the car wasn't mine. Well it was also 5 am and I was a bit tired. Then he tested my alcohol level. 0,0 of course. And you know what happenned next? When we were supposed to go our car didn't start because we left the lights on for a few hours.

What to do? My boyfriend talks too much. Especially when he's had a drink or two. He just called the policemen over: "Hey, would you come and help us push our car? You're the ones who stopped us anyway." OMG. Would you please stop provoking? But it sure was funny. The cops pulled us over and then helped us start our car again.

However, what I ment to say in the beginning: I was driving that night because I was the only sober person in the group. And that was only because I partied too much with my girlfriends the night before and I had a HUUUUGE cat in the morning so I was too tired to do it again.

A huge cat? Well that's the phraseology part. In Slovene language there is a phrase "to have a cat" for the morning after the great party - the hangover part. Meow! It sounds funny in English. :)


Monday, February 8

Animal eater

Today I was SOOOO hungry I ate a fox, two squirrels, a bear, a hedgehog, two snails and a moose!

I love my new cookie cutters :)