Monday, July 12

Must love dogs.

Yeah, you certainly have to love them. Except when they're causing problems.

Our dog is very cute and funny and everything.

Like that, see? But today she made us all worry about her. We took a walk, a short swim in the river (just her, not me) and then came back home. I left her on the balcony because she was all wet and I went doing my stuff.

Suddenly I heard her coughing and making some weird noises. I let her out and she couldn't stop sneezing, she kept rubbing her nose and after a few minutes like that we were ready to take her to the vet.

My boyfriend then noticed she had something inside her nose. He got tweezers and guess what he pulled out - a 20 cm long grass leaf! Can you imagine having that in YOUR nose?

Pets are a lot of fun, but sometimes a lot of worries, too. :) But it's all because we love them. :P


Wednesday, July 7

A date

I have a date on Friday!

Today I got an SMS from this cute guy. He asked me out to some concert. He's really cool and I relly like the band that's playing so of course I said yes. I have a boyfriend, We've been together for more than 2 years, but that's no problem. He's the cool guy who asked me out anyway. :)

The whole thing reminded me of our early teens, when we did all the "courtship" through texting, MSN, even friends ... :) It was crazy when the phone beeped. Is it him? What if it's him? And the heart started beating hard, hands were shaky and so on and on.

And if it was him, the problem was even bigger. What to write back? I remember myself writing one single SMS for more than an hour! It was all about strategy. :)

I can't even imagine how people did all of that before the "cell phone era". :))