Friday, January 29

Old Photos

Do you like old photos? I know I do ... I miss a little bit of black and white in our overdeveloped society. :)
Yesterday my boyfriend had to work. Of course that means I got bored because no one entertained me. :P Then I asked him if I can see those photos he once mentioned.

I got a nice little box of photos and a biiiig smile on my face. With the permission of the models I am showing some fo the photographs here. :)

I have never seen my boyfriend's photos before. And he was so cute when he was little! Look at that face. :D My cheek muscles still hurt from all the laughing and smiling. :) He definitely was cute.

Then I found some photos of his mom. She's now in her fifties and when you meet a person in their fifties it's a bit hard to imagine what they looked like when they were young. Well she definitely knew how to pose! :)

I was also impressed by her clothes, nice coats and skirts that I would love to wear today. :) In this photo I particularly like her hairstyle. It's so sixties. :)

And then I found their wedding photos. She told me about this dress before. She bought it in some boutique in Italy and she also bought gloves and the hat to match and she still has that dress in her closet and she is sure it would fit me! Can you feel any "suggestopedia" there? :P

And then I found some beauuuutiful photos of her husband. This one was taken in 1959 and I just love it. They lived in a small village and these are all the children from that place. I love their outfits. :)

Of course he grew up and just like everyone else he had to serve in the army. This photo isn't anything special ... it was the message on the back that I found interesting. It was from his father: "This is my 18-year-old son. Today he's leaving for the army. 12 May 1968"

But despite this not very happy message his army photos look good ... He absolutely knew how to pose. :P

I think I'll steal my mom's idea and maybe arrange these photos nicely in an album someday. As a present :)

Do you still print your photos or do you keep it digital? When I look at these I feel I should print more ... :)

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, January 19

And the "Best postcard award" winner iiiiiiis ....

... do you remember? My Best postcard contest. Well I guess I'm not that popular Because I only got a few but nevertheless ... :) My dorm room is tiny anyway so that's enough. Now those postcards are decorating my tiny room:

Thank you all for sending them! :)

However, the time came, I guess there isn't any other postcard coming and I have to choose the postcard I like best. Here are my three favourites:

This one is from my friend Tine who googled my nickname and sent me some picture results. Nice one! :))

The second one is from my friend Nina. This postcard says so little but is funny when you connect the message and the picture. It made me laugh. :)

And the last one is from my friend Meta. This postcard is so weird it's funny. :D She sent it to me from Slovakia. (Which is not Slovenia, by the way ...)

And which one do I like best? My vote goes to the second one, the cute "Stay cool" Penguine. :) Sooo Nina ... you get the award! And let me know what kind of a notebook you would like to get. :)

And there's another thing. I find this postcard thing a very nice thing to do. I love sending postcards and getting them too. A nice message in your mailbox can make your day. So I figured I should try doing that more often. I found this website called "Postcrossing" where you send and recieve postcards to and from random people. So whether you want to collect some stamps, maybe some postcards, meet some people or just recieve and send a nice message from time to time, that's a very nice website that can help you with that. :)

Have a nice day, everyone!


Wednesday, January 13

Hello back!

It's me again. Long time no see. :)

I've been so busy with school and term tests and exams and lesson observations reports and with just about everything. After today's exam I'm looking forward to HOLIDAYS! Forget Christmas break. There wasn't any. We still had school on 24th and I had to be back in school on 4th January. It was cruel. Well those are REAL holidays! One month without faculty, classes, professors ... can't wait. :) I'm just putting together a holidays-to-do list at the moment:

2) Bake :)
3) Go skiing at least once. Haven't done this in 2 years so that will be a bit of a challenge for my rusty bones. ;)
4) Read books for the exam on 15th March. I know I know.. it's school but still.. it's literature for children so that should be a lot of fun. :)
5) Go to Ikea and get some bedside table lamps. 2 CUTE lamps please! And of course some other useless junk. ;)
6) Go clothes-shopping with my mum! Santa left her a little gift card or something like that. :) And I need a proper top for a party in number 11 and I need a cute purple shirt to match with these cute earrings (made by my schoolmate Andreja) for the Valentine's day date. ;) I know, my cell phone camera sux. :S

7) Take Foxy out every day and move those rusty legs of mine ... double pleasure .. :)
8) Finish some transcriptions and therefore earn some more money than in previous months.
9) Do some fun stuff ... like watch thousand episodes of some stupid series in one day :P
10) Go out with friends I haven't seen for a looong time.
11) Go to Ambasada Gavioli for a great opening party - House oldies goldies. :)

That's probably enough for now. Do you have any other suggestion? Please share, I'd love some... I know I had some more but I forget things a lot .... :)

And, oh! Another thing! I have a winner for that postcard contest! Wanna know? Stay tuned. :))