Tuesday, October 27

First set of postcards

Ok. I didn't get any postcard for 14 days and then some people felt sorry for me and sent me some. :D However ... I was asked to put them online so here's the first set of them. I'm expecting more, of course. :P

The first one I bought myself. It is just so cute. There's this little guy called Lumpi which is actually some big Slovenian merchant "mascot" but is very much loved among us. :)) This postcard says "I think about you a lot" and I just had to have it. :)

The second one is from my friend who locked me in that day. :D That's also a very nice postcard. It says: "What makes me happy? An empty head. Because I know I had carried out everything I had in mind." :)

Next is Skye. She sent me 3 lovely postcards with old pictures of her town - explanation included! In these pictures we can see the old train station, an old elevator and a local gallery that was previously a library and a post office. Thanks Skye! :)

And the last one is the funniest! I just got it today. It's from my friend Tine who found a good idea online. He googled my nickname and then used pictures that came up! Nice one, I have to admit. :))

Here are some details:

I can't wait to get more! Although the student responsible for the mail thinks there's something weird going on becaus I got 5 postcards in 2 days. :))

So long :)


Monday, October 26

A Visitor

I am still redecorating my new dorm room. It takes a lot to make it a cosy and comfortable nest. :) Today I installed my new cork board to put my timetable and some little funny things up there.

Obviously my notes are very interesting because a visitor already came and started reading "27 directions for better Slovene" article.

Did I mention I am crazy about lady bugs? :)


Saturday, October 17

Memories: A funny story

Me and my friend went to school together for 12 years. And when we were together we always ended laughing because of something really stupid. And this is what happened to us 2 years ago:

I study in Maribor and she studies in Ljublana, the capital of Slovenia. I had an examinaton at the orthopedist there so I asked her if I can sleep over at her place so that I won't have to take the early train to be in time for the appointment. Of course, no problem. I came there a night before, we hung out, watched TV etc.

Before she went to bed she told me she only has one key so we had to plan our day a bit because our schedules varied. No problem, I said. You just let me sleep in and when I leave the flat I will lock the door and put the key under the door mat. Deal! Off to bed she went. And I to the sofa. :P

I heard her getting up and getting ready for classes, then she left. I got up about an hour later, turned on the TV for some music, got myself ready and then wanted to leave. But where did she leave that key for me? Hmm ... I was searching for it for a few minutes, no succes. I really didn't want to leave the flat unlocked, what to do?

I decided to risk it and headed out. But shoot! The door was locked! :) Hmm.. :) Then I realized she probably locked me in. Yay for me.

I tried calling her, but "the number was not avalible at the moment", I looked around if I could find any of her shool mate's phone number. No succes. I searched the entire house for an extra key, there wasn't any. I was in second floor so the window wasn't an option. and Guess what? I was already late for the appointment! Well ... I had nothing left to do than to lay down on the sofa and play tetris on my cell phone. And of course I phoned her every 10 minutes but there was obviously something wrong with the network because I couldn't get her. *Sigh*

Suddenly - the phone rings, it was her. She almost sounded a bit angry: "Did you leave me the key under the mat?!" And I just said: "Emm.. no... I couldn't find the key." She answered, sounding even madder than before: "What do you mean you can't find the key?! I left it under the door mat!"


"OH F**K! Did I really do that??"


"When do you have your appointment?"
"Half an hour ago ..."

It was funny and messy and everything at the same time. :D A very smart thing to do, I must say. To lock me in and leave the key under the mat. Nice one, *clap* *clap*! :D

We laughed lke crazy, she rushed back home and I was at the hospital 30 minutes later. The orthopedist took me anyway so ... all is well that ends well. And we also proved that early hours prevent someone to use common sense and logic. ;)


Friday, October 16

Weird Things are Going on ...

It was Thursday yesterday and as every Thursday I packed my things into my little suitcase and went home. This time I decided to go on foot. Why not, there's only 220 kilometers between my home and my campus.

Ok then. I was walking home but didn't really know where to go. I was roaming around with my suitcase and didn't come anywhere. It started to feel weird. I stopped by the river and sat down. There was also a couple sitting on a small brick wall and pointing at something. There was a huge snake swimming in the river. I think it was albino boa. Really huge! I was watching it with an interest and suddenly ... it swam to the river bank right towards me, stopped infront of me and looked me right into my eyes. And then all became black.

Next thing I remember is me, lying in the bed. It must have already been late in the morning, because people were walking around and I heard them talking. My boyfriend's mother decided to let their dog, Foxy into my room. She comes often for an extra nap in the morning. I felt her jumping on the bed and snuggle by my legs. I was still sleepy, covered by a pile of blankets and feeling warm. I stretched out my hand to stroke Foxy but I soon found out it was not her. Some weird agressive animal grabbed my hand and started snarling. This big white animal turned into a weird huge white monster that wouldn't let my hand go! I started screaming and wagging my arms around me, it was terrible!

Suddenly I woke up. It was warm, Foxy was scratching the door and wanted me to let her in. I remembered an article which said that you only dream when you get enough sleep. I definitely slept for too long that night. :P


Thursday, October 15

Your blog is fabulous awards

Hello again,
I first told you which are my obsessions and then took my time to decide who to give this award to. Since I'm not a very active blogger I don't read many blogs and I don't get any comments. And since we all know which blogs are fabulous to me but they already got this award ... :) ... I decided to give it to my "new acquaintances", to blogs I discovered and started reading this week and found them interesting.

1) the first one is Lola Lakely from Life, love & the pursuit of insanity. A funny and interesting blog to read, I especially identified my generation of students with her last post: Lola vs. Drunken Superpowers :))

2) BrightenedBoy from the BrightenedBoy blog. He stopped by my blog yesterday and I returned the favor. And was very happy I did it :) Pieces from his diary that he shares with us are inspiring.

3) mo.stoneskin from Mo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin - I prefer shorter posts (because I'm too impatient and always in a hurry) but here is an exception that proves the rule. Interesting material that keeps my attention for more than a minute. :)

4) Smileygirl from [Live Happy]. Just found her a week ago and liked her posts about her pets, Wrigley and Chumley a lot. :) Including the beautiful photos.

5) And last but not least (I sound like Tyra Banks, lol) Here's a blog that is not really new to me. It's my friend's blog I started reading few years ago, first at MSN spaces and then I followed her Wayfarer's blog about her trip to England. Now I follow her Distracted by irrelevance which only has 3 posts at the moment, but regarding her previous writing (and exemplary English) I look forward to reading more from her and I'm happy to give this award to eglantine. :)

So, this is it. Not a very usual choice, one would say, choosing blogs I don't even know well, but I told you my reasons at the beginning of this post. :)

So, you know the rules: give this award to five fabulous blogs (if you want, of course) and tell us: what are your obsessions? :)


Wednesday, October 14

inconvenient coincidence

I was scheduled to have a wisdom tooth surgery today. I first called for an appointment in July. That's ages ago! And what happens? I get a fever few days before the surgery! I mean, come on! Dear fever, couldn't you find a more appropriate time to visit me? Well ... I had to skip the surgery today. I was re-scheduled to December 4, that's another 100 years of waiting. :(

But I have to look on the bright side of life ... at least I skipped all the pain and unpleasantness too. I changed all that for shopping for my new dorm room. I found 3 beautiful flower pots, but there is still no postcard in my mailbox ... hmmmm :)


Thursday, October 8

Awards and obsessions

Hello hello,
I got 2 awards from Skye and I think It's time to show off now, ha ha. :)
Since I don't write or check other blogs regularly I assume I have exactly two and a half followers who read my posts. And I am happy that at least 2/5 of my readers like my blog! :D

So... 5 things I'm obsessed about:

1) The first one would definitely be my laptop and my mobile phone. That's a bad one but still. :P I have to check my Facebook and my Gmail and my blog and our university webpage for any news and my Google Reader for any news and then all over again. As if I would miss something really reeeeallly important if I didn't check everything all the time. :) On the other hand.. no one waits for my answer for a long time. :)

2) Definitely food. I love food. I enjoy food. A lot. I really like to plan eating something delicious, for example, I am having artichoke - rocket bruschetta for dinner and for Sunday we're planning roast lamb and sauté potatoes. Mmmmm! :) Can't wait. I love the flavor and the good feeling I get after a good meal. :) I take Nigella as my role model. :P

3) Baking & making pastry! One of my favorite hobbies. It's fun, it's delicious, it's a result of your work, it can be creative, it makes me happy, it makes other people happy and that makes me happier! I love to see those happy expressions on other people's faces when they enjoy eating my toffee pudding, for example. And I made chocolate chip muffins for Brooke and Acacia when they arrived to the train station late in the evening. One of them said that was the first thing that reminded her of home since she had come to study to Florence. Of course I was happy to make them again - double amount. ;)

4) Sour cream on my pizza! Sounds weird? Does anyone else have sour cream on a pizza? A pizza without sour cream is weird. :P I love the fresh taste of it, although it's probably very fatty. I don't care. It's so delicious. :) "Let's order a pizza!" "Yeah, let's do it ..." "Is there any sour cream in the fridge?" "No." "Ahh.. please order mine with some" :P I just had it yesterday for lunch. ;)

5) Doing everything fast. I hurry too much. I walk fast, I get cranky if I know I won't have enough time to do everything I want. Sometimes I get cranky already in the morning and that crankiness prevents me from doing anything at all, I'm just nervous about it. :D One of my "hurry" things is hurrying home at the end of "school-week". I pack everything the evening before and the minute I finish my classes I rush to the train station but these trains are so slow! It's so nice to go home I never get home quick enough. :))

Well, these are my weird obsessions... but who should I give these awards to? Hmm.. Well I guess I'll take some time and think about it, just like Skye did. :) Do I even know 5 people who blog? Hmm... :)) I'll let you know. ;)


Wednesday, October 7

Best postcard contest!

I have just moved today. I moved to another dorm room. I changed my double for single, finally! :) I spent the whole day cleaning it, I am sure my predecessor wouldn't pass any of those sanitary inspections!

Anyway ... now I have to decorate it, because it is still quite plain ...

So here's the contest! I am kindly asking you to send me interesting, cute, funny postcards. :) My address is:

Katja Krapež
Študentski dom 4
Gosposvetska 83
2000 Maribor

Deadline? When I get enough of them :D

And the prize for the best one?
One of those beautiful paperblanks 2010 dayplanners! Mailing included. :)

I look forward to getting your mail ;)