Friday, July 31

Our little nest ;)

A while ago my boyfrend came out with an idea that we should arrange a little appartment of our own. He lives in his parents' house but the ground floor appartment was still empty. (With the bathroom and kitchen already furnished, but that's another story :) ) So all we had to do was to furnish the living & dining room. What came out is a little modest funky flat. There are things missing like shelves and a bit of personalization but we're working on that. It's very small and yet cosy. :) What do you think? :)

I'm already fully equipped :)

Small appartment - no rooms. "corners" are a substitution for them :)
So here's the dining corner ...

...working & study corner ....

... and lazy corner :D

I'm not moving in for quite some time but I'm already looking forward to it. ;)

Thursday, July 30


I finally went to see a doctor today about that groin pain. I was scared to death because I felt dizzy already when I thought about it. My goal was to find the source of that pain and to find a solution for it and of course not to faint. :P Mission NOT accomplished. Well I didn't faint, but I was close. :P My doctor said there's nothing terribly wrong with me and that I have most probably strained or torn that muscle or sinew or diaphragm or whatever there is and that there's nothing to help me. Except resting.
Unfortunately I'm a sport lover so... hiking, running, rollerblading, cheerleading, gymnastics, so long. I'll go crazy. Yesterday I did Mary Winsor pilates and I didn't feel any weird pain so maybe I'll be doing that dor a while or I'll just change into a big fat pig because I can't sport. :(

However ... Always look on the bright side of life, right? :)
Despite my grumpiness about my stupid leg I had a great time last weekend. We took some time off and went to Lignano, Italian seaside to go to the beach a little and to the Fatboy Slim "concert" in the evening.

I loooveed the view of the sea, this year I've been busy with exams and I still have one more to pas in August so ... no holidays for me until then ... One afternoon at the beach felt great :)

Sand, sun, wind ... mmmmm :) But of course.. why would everything be perfect? I have to complain about something again. :)) Jellyfish!!! Luckily it just touched me lightly so all I had was an itchy rash that dissappeared in a few hours :) Lucky me ;)

And of course, a party in the evening. I really love Fatboy Slim's music, it's the non-boring kind of electronic music. And he's really fun! I checked him on wikipedia (lol) and he's almost fifty and still a party animal. Love him :))

Next week I'll go back to my school work. Syntax, I love you. NOT. :))
Have fun, everyone*

Tuesday, July 21

Just zip it! ... and unbelievable parenting skills.

Zip it!
Well, easier said than done.
Yesterday me and my half sister decided to sew. She's 10 and I'm 21. I brought brown microfibre to make pillowcases, matching the sofa at my boyfriend's place and for her we bought some pink girly fabric with flowers and butterflies.
And just so you know,
I can't sew
. I am just trying to.

So we got to work, had some fun, didn't really know how to do most of things but we tried... the products were obviously very ammateur-like.
The fun stopped when the zipper time came! How to sew the zipper in? Hmm.. I tried. And then I tried really hard. And then I pricked myself with a needle. And then I started to get nervous. And when I finally did it it was weird. Whatever ... :)
Today things went better. I sewed a pink zipper in for the little one and then another brown one for my pillowcases and then I was all thrilled how easy have things become and I wanted to sew the last one in and then.... ! The sewing machine redemption. Arrgh! It just didn't want to sew the zipper. Maybe it is allergic to it. The thread was tearing, the fabric started to wrinkle up and I started to get nervous again. After my xy-th attempt without ANY succes I just tore the zipper away, folded the fabric, put it into a bag, added the zipper and took it to the tailor next door. It was just too much for me :P (and the poor zipper almost started to fall apart too)

And what about the parenting skills?
Well, one of my t(my precious dad) is a very special person. And not in a good way :P Today my little sister told me he said that the pillowcases were badly made. "He said we should have made a border! I told him it was all home made and those little things made it special and that we didn't really know how to sew because we did it for the first time but he answered that it would all fall apart and that home made things are usually better and more quality than the ones you can buy in supermarkets!" Well ... being supportive and motivating, huh?!

Thx god she's tough ...

Monday, July 6

I want a car decoration exactly like this one!

I love it, it's sooo ... Poppyish :)

Friday, July 3

Allergic to my own body.

I have this weird allergy, you see ...


I can't say I'm terribly ill or something, I just have a million insignificant, life non-threatening problems. Like knee, elbow and just-about-everywhere-else exostosis, shortsightedness of -4.0 and -3.o, crooked toes, unexplained weird headaches, unexplained lower back pain that sometimes made me stay in bed, unexplained 37,5°C temperature I had for a whole month, weird food poisoning last summer (also unexplained - they couldn't decide what was wrong with me - salmonella, e.coli or colitis? At the end it was nothing) ... and so on and on. Nothing special, just little things to make my life more interesting. *sigh*

I don't consider my self as a hypochondriac but when I sum all these things up it looks like there's something terribly wrong with me. System error.

However ... What I wanted to talk about was my incredible inability of dealing with pain or even thinking of it. I have my own way of dealing with it - I just put my body to "stand by" and the pain stops. I just pass out. I tried to stop it but my brain subconsciously turn my body off when it aches too much. Or when I think about it too much. Here's an example:

Last October I added something to my list of things that are wrong with me. A weird groin pain that started during the tumbling practise. Nothing new, happens all the time, comes and goes. But not this one. I eventually gave up my tumbling classes. My coach said it must have been the groin diaphragm. I didn't even know I had one. He said I should rest and it would soon be better. Well, he said that in November.
It hurts more and more now and I started nagging about it. So my friend told me she had the same groin pain and she found out she had a hernia. OK, what? She said I should just cough really hard and then check my groin for any bumps.

OK, *cough* *cough* ..and then that movie started inside my head: "There something sticking out of your body! A weird bump! Yuck, you'll need an operation. Do you even know what hernia means? Your intestine has perforated something in your stomach. They'll have to operate it and you'll get anaesthesia, a million of injections, cuts, blood, scars, stitching, flesh..."

Well, the next thing I remember was me, waking up, lying with my head off the sofa, all shaky and sweaty. What has happened? Oh.. my weird body turned my head off again ... Nothing new ...