Sunday, September 19

When the actor doesn't fit into the role

Do you know that feeling, when you're watching a movie and it seems a bit weird, but you can't really figure out why? It happened to me yesterday, when I was watching Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time. Let me explain.

There was this guy, Tus, the king's son and a great, brave warrior. That's him in the middle:

But he seemed a bit weird to me. And why? Somewhere in the middle of the movie I realized that the same actor, Richard Coyle, was starring as Jeff in Coupling. And Jeff was a complete weirdo! It was hard to imagine him as a warrior, I tell you.

Do you want to know why? Click HERE and take a look at this video. And by the way, I totally recommend Coupling, it's the funniest and one of my favourite series.

Has it ever happened to you? Do you remember certain actors from some certain movie / series and you don't really see him / her as someone else? :)

Poppy :)

Monday, September 13


I'm opening a new business.
It's called

PreExamInsomnia inc.

And I'm taking all the important positions in it, because I'm THE pro here. :P

Good night! (hopefully ... )

Monday, September 6

just in case

I have already posted this prayer on FB, but to be sure:

Please make morphology, phraseology and lexicology easier for me.
Make it go into my brain and stay there.
At least for a week.

Thank you.

P.S.: Dear procrastinators' patrons. Please help us stay away from procrastinating.

Please ... ?

Thank you again.

:) Poppy

Wednesday, September 1

Home made bread

Yaaay! I baked my first loaf of bread ever! :) It always seemed so impossible when my brother was doing it (sorry, bro :D ) so I didn't even want to try, but E. convinced me to do it after all. So I found a very simple recipe yesterday, bought the ingredients (and a new plastic bowl, that's a very important factor!) and gave it a try. And guess what! It turned out great!

This is what it looked like before:

look, it's starting to rise!

And here it is: my very first loaf of bread. :)
I call it a succes. And now I'm going to have dinner. Bon apetit. :)