Wednesday, October 13

United States of America

Do you know what this is?

Yeah, it's the map of the USA and as you can see it is almost empty. We had to write down the names of the sates ourselves ... Can you guess how many of them I got right?? Well ... I got Texas, California and Florida. And I had an idea about where Kentucky, Ohio and Idaho were, but I couldn't really put them down on the map. I have a friend from Idaho and I couldn't spot her state, how embarrassing is that? :)

We did this in American literature class. We were trying to learn about where all those writers came from. The first one was O. Henry and his story "The Gift of the Magi". Click HERE and read it, it's a very nice short story. :)

Anyway, don't be mad at me, I found a nice map online and I'm going to fix my map, I promise. :P

Poppy ;)

Tuesday, October 12


Do you like babies posts? I usually don't, but here's one. :)

I said I "adopted" my boyfriend's nephew, because my brother is 19 and my sister is 11 so I can't expect any nephews or nieces any time soon. His name is Jani and he is (of course) the cutest little baby ever. (at least until I'll have one) :)

This weekend I had the honour to become his godmother. He was baptised on a sunny day in the church in a beautiful village on the top of the hill, overlooking the whole valley. And I have to say he had the cutest white baby tuxedo.

Anyway, all I wanted to post today is a baby picture!
Me and my new godson:

His relatives said we're all related now, no matter what happens between me and my boyfriend. Beware! :)

Poppy ;)

Wednesday, October 6

Anorexia? No, thanks.

It's October and I'm back to school. When I'm not attending classes, lectures and seminars and when I'm not arranging a ton of new study materials I just got, I usually don't have anything to do. So you can imagine I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop.

One of the things I like to do is watching some interesting shows and one of those I find interesting is America's next top model. I don't really like all those chick-fights and stuff, I like photoshooting ideas, stylings ... Surprisingly I like fashion, although you'd never guess that if you met me. I'm a jeans + T-shirt person.Anyway, I was watching 1st part of the cycle 15 and something surprised me in a positive way. There was a beautiful girl, Anamaria, who did quite well in photoshoots:

Tyra once mentioned that she isn't happy with her skinny body. Eat a sandwich, girl! But after listening to Anamaria's arguments how skinny she has to be to become a supermodel and how well she plans her diet, Tyra became seriously concerned.

Anamaria was the first one eliminated from the show, because the judges didn't want to send the message that skinny is good to young girls all over the world. "Too skinny isn't good, you have to pack your belongings and leave!"

I mean, look at her ...
Compared to the image that fashion industry shows as perfect I find this move as a very good step towards changing the ideal of perfect skinny tall girls back to normal.

After all, Tyra did that twice before:

Firstly, when she chose Whitney Thompson as the winner of cycle 10. Whitney was the first plus-size America's next top model!

And secondly, cycle 13 was all about petite models. Only 5"7' And Under allowed!

Support, Tyra! :)

Poppy ;)