Tuesday, May 24


I'm trying to be careful about what I eat for a week now. It is not as much of a problem as I expected it to be. I feel much better now and I don't pass out every time I want to take the stairs. :P

I have a huge craving, though. I'd kill for a seafood pizza!

I checked online if I could eat some and found out that pizza has about 1400 calories, which is 200 more than I eat in a whole day! What have I been eating for the last few years?! I didn't even know! My friends say it's better not to know. :)

Now I mostly focus on vegetables. I try to avoid fat and carbs and get more proteins, which isn't that easy. I'm slowly running out options.

And another thing I hate about losing weight: Your first centimeters don't go off your waist or thighs, but off your breasts! :S

Tuesday, May 17

Exam time again.

I have just decided not to study any more tonight. My brain needs sleep to process everything I've learnt today.

This decision is so much better than the previous one, when I decided it was time to start studying. Yuck. :)

Calorie Count

Yesterday I came across this site: http://caloriecount.about.com. I don't think I should lose a lot of weight, BUT! Those 3-4 extra kilograms follow me way to much lately. I think I just want to be careful about what I eat.

I don't think people realize how much they eat if they don't keep track. When I started my food log yesterday I thought I didn't eat that much, but one coffee here, one snack there and that's how you collect those calories. :)

My goal is to stay under 1600 calories every day. And possibly to work out at least a bit. A little bit. :) Yesterday I got a B!

We'll see how that goes ... :)

Monday, May 16

No One

After years of horrible and embarrassing song choices we finally had a good song at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. A good song and a GREAT singer!

I just wanted to share. :)

Friday, May 6


Last night I watched a wonderful documentary about four babies from around the world. The title of the film - Bébé(s) - is very simple, as well as the film itself.

"This movie shows the development of four babies from birth to about one year old. They are from extreme different cultures - Namibia, Mongolia, Japan and the United States. /.../ The diversity among them was part of the narrative. Namibia appeared barely touched by technology; Tokyo utterly transformed its landscape. It was interesting that the Japanese parents sang the birthday song in English and that the simple yurt the Mongolians lived in had an accompanying satellite dish. It is also amazing that each baby's unique personality emerges so early in their lives."
(IMDb user review

I had quite a few laughs when watching how these cute little guys were dealing with their problems. My only thought at the end of the film was that we should ponder on ourselves, enormously expensive baby carriages, tons of Pampers and just about everything we complicate so much at.

Tuesday, May 3


I used my "spring break time" well and went on a road trip to Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Monaco and Monte Carlo (with many many other students).

I liked Spain or Catalunya, to be more exact, for many reasons:

- The food: I love seafood and they have plenty.

- The marketplace was amazing:

- The language - I love it! There are Spanish and Catalan, which I like even better, since it is a mix between Italian, Spanish and French. At least for me it is. :)

- People - very good looking. :)
And mostly very friendly ... like our barmaid in Lloret de Mar:

Sun, perfect beaches, cocktails, always something going on ...
what else do you need?

Their style is also special ... all those guys: Picasso, Gaudí, Salvador Dalí ... must have been high half of their life. :)

The feeling I always get with these things is some kind of longing for metropolitan life.Where I come from we all know each other. That's not very hard if you live in a small country like Slovenia where there are basically no cities at all. Just a few towns and a gazillion of villages. I feel like I could hide well in a big open minded city (full of HOT guys) like Barcelona. ;) But you know how this goes, longing can only fulfil its purpose when you can't really get the thing you want. I could go and live somewhere else, but then I'd just yearn for going home again. :)