Tuesday, May 25

38 days until holidays!

I have some ideas now and then about what to post here but I think I turned into a pre-exam maniac now. I can only tell you things about Slovene literature in 20th century (which is not very interesting).

I'm glad I got a single room this autumn so that I don't have my roommate watching movies while I'm studying all day long.

When I was finishing high school I was excited about moving into the student dorms, meeting new people and have a great roommate. Well ... it didn't happen. Me and my roommate didn't have much in common so we barely spoke to each other. And when she moved out there was this other girl who was wartching soap operas ALL DAY LONG.

Could be worse, huh? Then I moved out into my lovely single room.

Did you live at the campus when you were a student? Did you ever live at a boarding school? How were your roommates? :)


Monday, May 10

The Wedding

I haven't been to a wedding for a veeeery long time. The last wedding I attended was my uncle's wedding when I was 7. This one was different because my cousin was the one who was getting married, it has already been one of us! :) And I really liked it. She's a beautiful girl and she was also a beautiful bride. All the family was together and celebrating their love.

This wedding made me think how I want my wedding and if I want to get married at all. One thing I figured out during the day was that I couldn't get married because I would be emotional the whole month before the wedding and I would cry 24 hours on my wedding day like something horrible was happening to me. I almost burst in tears watching them exchanging rings and stuff, how could I possibly survive my own wedding? :)

The funny thing that happened on Saturday was my age question. The bride's aunt asked me if me and my (10 years younger) sister would be tossing some rose petals on the floor when the happy couple came from the church. After the ceremony she came to me apologizing. She said she really thought I was 15 or something like that. Well, girl ... I'm 22! The critical point was when the waiter served me the menu for children. I mean. I know I look younger but that young? The rest of the night I was carrying my student ID with me because noone could believe my age.

I also met my cousin, the bride's brother after 10 years or so. He changed from a quiet shy boy to a party animal freshman and we definitely clicked! :D We made a deal to meet more often and go partying together. Therefore this is the photo of the night:

It was a good party which is understandable. We had a good reason to celebrate. It was nice to see all the family again and meet the groom's family and their very cool friends. There was no awkwardness, we got along pretty well.
Do you like going to a wedding or do you hate meeting that old annoying aunt who always pinches your cheek? :)

I wish all the best to the happy couple! And of course to their little baby who's coming in November. :)


Tuesday, May 4

Embrace the braces!

Yes! It is funny. I am a 22 year old girl and I have braces. But that's ok, I see a lot of people that are older than me and have braces so that's probably not a big deal. I try to make it funny, like in this photo.

Don't be scared, it's just a joke. It was taken with my mobile phone so it's not a very good one. I took it and sent it to my boyfriend, when I got braces on my lower teeth about a week ago. Imagine a 31 year old guy with a girlfriend that wears braces. Haha.

Even one of the kids I taught on my teaching practice said: "She's just like us!" Yeah, girl. Just 10 years older. :)

I don't worry about it too much, but my friend's sister is devastated. She is 15 and is getting braces soon and she feels like that's going to ruin her life. I don't like braces because they cause me mouth sores and my big passion, eating, is a bit more difficult now. But on the other hand, I look younger and I can even choose colorful elastics or the blue ones, to match with my eye color, yay! :) And of course, my goal is to smile like Julia Roberts in a year or two. ;)

Did you have to wear braces? How did you feel about it? :)