Thursday, May 28

Poetry class

I'm not some kind of poet or anything like that. From time to time I put some verses together, just for fun (the badminton song, for example, because me & my boyfriend just bought new badminton rackets :)) )
Well, last year we had to do that at school and our pieces got marked. These are some of my poetry class homework, written in October and November '07. They have already been posted on my other blog so certain some of you know them already. :)

Here's the haiku I had to write for a grade:

A sleeping beauty -
Covered with warm, soft blankets
on sunday morning.

And this is another one. We were given a poem, but not the whole one. Our professor erased some verses and we had to fill the them in. Underlined things were put together by me:

Inversely proportioned

I came to you at sunrise
with loads of secret thoughts and dreams
sparkling in my gay hands

you smiled and made my dreams come true

I came to you at midday

with lots of passionate desires
flaming in my ardent arms

you turned and wondered what to say.

I came to you at sunset

with some innocent requests
Trembling on my uncertain lips

you laughed and didn't care at all.

I came to you at midnight

with angry voice and loud demand

clenched in my bitter fists

you didn't care, just walked your way

and took my fairy tale away.

These two examples aren't some quality pieces of work, but I really enjoyed that class. It was fun, getting to know the basic theory of poetry through such creative activities. :)

Wednesday, May 27


The weather in Slovenia is moody lately and it gets me in several weird situations.
Today I remembered October '07, my first few weeks at uni, in some new town, among some new unknown people. I was confused for a while and once in the middle of November something not very pleasant happened to me. Just like every Sunday I packed my things and left for Maribor, but the first thing after getting there was calling my dad: "Is there any chance you're coming here anytime soon? I forgot all my long sleeve shirts at home, piled them up but forgot to put them into my suitcase." It was November. My dad wasn't coming anytime soon so I survived the whole week with the same jumper. And I learned my lesson!

Or maybe not ... Few days ago, on Sunday I called my schoolmate who was already in Maribor and asked her how the weather was there. She said it was hot. Hot like summer hot, 35°C hot. Ok great. I packed my stuff and left home and now, 2 days later, I sit here, freezing, because the temperatures suddenly dropped from 35°C to 18°C, it is rainy and windy. And I have no jacket and no sweater, only T-shirts. Lucky me.
Fortunately I have to study A LOT (fortunately, ha ha) so I'm at home most of the time and even when I have to go to school, that's only two minutes away.

Maybe I'll learn my lesson this time?
Be ready for anything! Just like McGyver. :P

Thursday, May 21

How I want my funeral

Creepy, I know.
And a bit early for these thoughts too, since I'm only 21, but here's the thing:

A while ago I went to some funeral. It practically stretched from Tuesday to Friday, including several little "events" and finally a big ceremony with loads of people and a repast after the ceremony with loads of food. I just felt there was too much going on.

And that was when I started wondering... Do I want to say goodbye like this? A big ceremonial funeral with people I didn't even know? Probably no ...
All I know is that I want a little, yet respectful thing without being a load to my family. I don't want money spent on luxurous coffins, boring ceremony, loads of food for the repast or the "top of the month" spot in the graveyard. :) I don't want people to spend money on funeral flower wreaths. I don't want them to worry what to wear. They don't even have to come, I know funerals are annoying. No choir, no priest, no nothing. I'm a simple person so make it simple.

What matters is how people will remember me, not my funeral. And if they'll keep me in good memories I don't need anything else. :)

Friday, May 15

Insomnia ...

Today I can't sleep. And I suffer because of it. Lying in bed and not being able to fall asleep is one of the worst tortures in the world.

Thanks god we are not aware of the time dimension when we're asleep. I'd probably be bored to death. Sometimes I go to bed only because new day (or new beginning) comes faster that way ...

Monday, May 11

THE time of the year

What I hate about Mondays is driving. I drive from my hometown to the place I go to school every Monday and it's a looong drive. 220 kilometers to be exact. In my opinion that's a waste of time, I want teleporting so badly.
But more and more I approach May, more and more Mondays lose their meaning, time just changes: now, in the middle of the month I don't have days of the week any more, I only have 15 days left until that exam, 31 days until the other exam ... "Oh, the threat of approaching exams!" My friend Nina said in her Facebook message. Everything changes when this time comes ...

We don't think about anything else any more. I told my mom: "Don't ask me what to make for lunch, my brain is too occupied with English syntax, Slovene literature and other useless stuff I have to learn and remember. I don't have time to think about small matters."
My world becomes limited to books, notes, post-its, colorful pens and markers and a lot of coffee. I can't even express myself properly. (so I do it with lolcats :P )

However, this kind of concentration requires a lot of motivation, which I don't have, because the ability to become depressive every time I have to put a bit of effort in anything was given to me at my birth. That's why my previous post was written. I also have 2 motivation messages on the board above my desk:
The first one is the "absolutely motivated" song from FCC cheer camps and the second one is an SMS from my friend. "You're a tough woman, you can do it." :) So.. with all that equipment I am well armed to go to the war. The war of nerves, neverending books and oral exam blackouts, that happen to me regularly. We can do it, sir, yes sir!!! (sir means cheese in our language so that one is very funny to me :P )

So.. why this post? I came to Maribor today and intended to sit at my desk all day long and study non-stop (coffee breaks only) but then I saw my lovely mother gave me the "One lovely blog award", so I had to write something! Awwww!

Mom, family members usually aren't allowed to participate in prize competitions. ;) I'm a rookie here at blogger so, if you don't mind, I'll wait with sharing this prize at least until I finish my exams, lol. Maybe this calls for another (a bit cheesy ;) ) lolcat:

Back to my didactic books now ... ;)

Monday, May 4


I posted this one to my other blog already but that's exactly how I feel today. AGAIN. Rome was fabolous, holidays ended and now exams aren't coming, they're HERE!!! And I'm in no mood for studying, really .... I'd rather just lay down and watch Grey's anatomy. Poppy, NO!!! :)

So I remembered some motivation songs from FCC cheerleading camps that, if not anything else, made me laugh:

You can do it, you can do it
just put your mind to it
buckle down, buckle down,
and do it, do it, do it!

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about... or maybe another one:

Motivated, motivated,
I'm absolutely motivated,
good morning everybody,
Let's cheer!

I'll just switch the "cheer" word with the "study" word, 3, 2, 1, GO!!!! :)