Wednesday, October 5

Shopping nightmare a.k.a. the never-ending story about a coat.

The allusion to Nikolai Gogol's "The overcoat" is merely coincidental. :P
You know, when you go somewhere and pack lightly, because you want to do some shopping there? That's what I did when I came to England. I decided to leave my jacket at home, I'll buy one here anyway.


I have a weird body. From the waist down: Size not so small. From the waist up: Size tiny. I can buy t-shirts quite easily. I have trained myself to find trousers that fit me, but coats! I think I have been buying a proper winter coat for the last three years! No luck.
So, here's my story:
1) Went to Primark, find a lovely jacket, listened to my friend's advice to check other things and when I came back there it was gone.

2) Went to a hundred other stores, tried on a thousand different jackets, all too big.

A week later:
3) Bought an emergency coat (too big) to avoid freezing.

4) Went to Next to try on some children sizes. It turned out they only have sizes 1-12 in stock. I'm 23 but I think I might need a 14.

5) Went to BHS, found a coat for girls that fit me in the shoulders. Wanna know the size? 11 years! And guess what, the sleeves were a bit too short.

( 6) Almost gone crazy)

7) Went to New look and abracadabra, found a coat in size six that actually fits! I couldn't believe my eyes! And I also got a students' discount, yay. 34 pounds for a coat, not bad.

8) Enjoyed the rest of the day in the company of my new German friend, with a smile on my face and a lovely Cornish pasty in my hands! :)

Life is good. :)

Monday, October 3


1) It's not cheap.

2) They drink a lot of tea. (d’ooh) Cornish cream tea below. :)

3) They have washing machines in their kitchens!

4) English guys are hot. English guys with a proper English accent. H O T!

5) You can have trouble finding non-ready food. In most cases you just have to put it in the oven/microwave and ignore it for a while. I like fresh food. 

6) Students’ parties are CRAAAAZYYY! Yes, they are. The reason might just be the beginning of the year, freshers week and everything. I really sympathise with the lads who had to clean that flat the morning after. :P

7) People are very nice and helpful! I got a little lost in the city centre. (I know, how is that possible, right?) Someone obviously noticed my confusion and he asked me If I needed any help. Awww! I do, thanks!
J ... which would never happen in Slovenia ...

8) I don't know about 8, 9 and 10, but I like it here. :)

Sunday, October 2


Do you get homesick when you go away from home? I don’t if I know I’ll be home soon, but this time is a little bit different.

It's my fifth day in Exeter, UK, and from time to time I'm still working hard to resist tears coming from my eyes. There’s nothing I could do, I'm a crier. Nothing helps. J

Exeter is a very nice city and the weather has been great for the last few days. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. Perfect for catching a cold (which I did) but oh well. I'll survive. City centre is great for shopping, all women love that. I've met some moms at school, where I take the kids to, the people are all very nice and helpful and I’ve met some new friends which is also perfect! I can't wait for that party tonight with our mixed nationality group made of Erasmus students, au pairs and others that found themselves living in Exeter. J
It’s the time when I come to my bedroom that is problematic. Or when I have nothing to do and no one is at home to care. Or when I make dinner and one of the kids says it’s horrible, then my tears are just waiting to burst out and I want to cry like a baby. Moooommmy! Come and get me!

Since everything else is great I think I’ll get over my tearing syndrome successfully, too. J