Monday, February 21

The countdown

I started my last semester today, so I think the time is right to start the "Pre-thesis-school-obligations countdown." I made myself a list of everything I have to do, printed it out and now my task, besides studying, of course, is to cross these things off as fast as I can! It is waiting for me and my black marker on my dorm room door. :)

Our school system is a bit weird to foreigners. We choose when to take the exams ourselves (so that it is only our fault when we screw up managing our time) Including my teaching practice and assessment lessons there are 21 items on the list right now and I can only hope the time will be on my side.

My university education is slowly coming to an end and I am getting a bit nervous about it. So many things to do, what kind of a thesis do I want to write? am I going to get a job soon after I graduate? And considering the new law enforcement regarding students' work - am I going to be able to work enough to provide for myself after 31 December 2011?

Up till now I have managed to deal with (almost) everything that came across, let's say I'll survive this, too. One thing at a time. :)