Sunday, June 14

a pile of useles teenager-like grumbling about school :)

I don't even know why exactly am I writing this right now. I guess I just have to share :)
I'm a bit angry with myself because of my school work. I knew this year would be difficult so I was a good girl and passed 2/7 obligatory exams in winter term, another 2 before the summer exam term started so I could fully concentrate on the hardest top three now and also pass all of them until July and then have holidays until October. Yeah right. Unfortunately my laziness won. I've been studying, reading, studying, studying and studying 24/7 for the last 14 days - that Slovene literature exam sucked all the life out of me. And when I have (luckily & happilly) passed it I was so happy about it and so sick of studying I just couldn't do it any more so I postponed one of my exams to September exam term. Not a smart move ... I already know that now, I think I will be 100% sure about it in September when everyone else will do absolutely nothing and I will have to study Slovene syntax :) Yuck. Tomorrow I'm going back to Maribor to get my notes for another exam I have on July 7th. It's the English verb exam, maybe my tenses would get better after that one :) School just sux during exam terms!

However ... few weeks ago (when I have just started my annual pre-exams depression) there was an event for university graduates at our faculty. I was so jealous. I still have another 2 years of lectures, classes and seminars do, a thousand exams to pass and write a diploma paper. Actually I'm a double myjor student so I'll have to write two of them! Oh my god ... when will I ever have time and energy to do all that? :)