Monday, June 1

The great ball

Today I ran into an interesting thought I will try to translate as well as I can. I was reading a book that was describing a ball in a small town in 1880. Although I can still consider myself as very young I still accepted this one with nostalgic feelings. :)

He was extremely absent-minded, just like a 20 year old lad on the morning after a beautiful, amusing ball, where he had the chance to dance and court to a ceartain young lady. May they do whatever they want, young people on the day after the ball are restless and absent-minded. In the afternoon you can see and meet every one of them in the streets, where their girls live, although they don't have any business to do there. Such a lad walks timidly and if you're a friend of his, he'll avoid you if he could, or else he'll blush, having a premonition that you know his intentions.

Oh, where are the years of our youth! :)) Just kidding. But reading this I remembered a habit from primary school. When the hormones started to mess with our heads we often molested the student on duty to get other students' timetables for that day. Mostly cute boys, of course. ;) Then we followed them around, giggling. :)

Although I suffer preparing for this exam on Slovene romantic realistic literature, swinging between tears, fear and sometimes even a bit of optimism, there are still interesting things in those books, written two centuries ago. :)