Tuesday, May 25

38 days until holidays!

I have some ideas now and then about what to post here but I think I turned into a pre-exam maniac now. I can only tell you things about Slovene literature in 20th century (which is not very interesting).

I'm glad I got a single room this autumn so that I don't have my roommate watching movies while I'm studying all day long.

When I was finishing high school I was excited about moving into the student dorms, meeting new people and have a great roommate. Well ... it didn't happen. Me and my roommate didn't have much in common so we barely spoke to each other. And when she moved out there was this other girl who was wartching soap operas ALL DAY LONG.

Could be worse, huh? Then I moved out into my lovely single room.

Did you live at the campus when you were a student? Did you ever live at a boarding school? How were your roommates? :)