Tuesday, June 22

Apricot cake!

Hello hello!

I am happy to share the news: I got a 9 on Slovene literature III. We have grades from 1 to 10 so 9 is pretty good. :) I rewarded myself with some shopping, visited my grandma, bought her a late B-day present, went to my uncle's first book presentation and then collapsed into the bed in the evening. Regarding the fact I couldn't sleep at all the night before the exam that's quite

I should have started studying for my next exam the following day but I took another day for relaxation and regeneration. And what did I do?

My boyfriend's parents are a perfect housewife + DIY king. She brought me some apricots from their orchard and some apricot jam she made the previous day.

... they aren't perfect but at least they are organic! By the way, do you try to buy organic food? Do you grow your own vegetables?

And this jam - perfect! :) Do you make things like that at home? I'm not very good at it. I decided to use the apricots and the jam for a nice summer-ish fruit cake. I mixed the apricots with some whipped and some sour cream, added some sugar and lemon juice, spread the jam over the sponge cake and put everything together.

I should have taken a photo earlier, this is all that's left. :)

... I guess it was tasty ... :)