Tuesday, October 12


Do you like babies posts? I usually don't, but here's one. :)

I said I "adopted" my boyfriend's nephew, because my brother is 19 and my sister is 11 so I can't expect any nephews or nieces any time soon. His name is Jani and he is (of course) the cutest little baby ever. (at least until I'll have one) :)

This weekend I had the honour to become his godmother. He was baptised on a sunny day in the church in a beautiful village on the top of the hill, overlooking the whole valley. And I have to say he had the cutest white baby tuxedo.

Anyway, all I wanted to post today is a baby picture!
Me and my new godson:

His relatives said we're all related now, no matter what happens between me and my boyfriend. Beware! :)

Poppy ;)