Thursday, November 18

Annoying FB statuses

You probably know what I mean, right?

*If you love someone copy this in your status.
* If you have the best mom / dad / sister / brother in the world, copy this in your status.
* If you hate school copy this in your status.* Like my status and I'll add you as my sister.

And so on and on and on ...

But there are two of them that I like! The first one was when people started to make fun of these statuses:

*If you were ever eaten by a dragon or you know someone that was, copy this in your status in order to show your support. There's nothing to be ashamed about!* :D

Today there is a whole different thing going on over there. It started a few days ago:

*Replace your profile picture with a picture of your favourite cartoon character. Let's look at cartoons for a week, not people's faces.*

Now that's fun! I LOVE cartoons! As you can see my character is DeeDee. And guess what? My brother chose Dexter and our mum chose Dexter's mum, of course.

Do you want to see what my Facebook photos look like right now? :)

It's pure FUN! :)

Poppy ;)
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