Monday, December 20

Happy Holidays!

Just like every year, I made my Christmas cards myself. This year I used linocut technique, cut myself twice (once badly), because the linoleum wasn't soft enough, applied some color on my stamps and pressed them. Yay! E. said he hoped I would make a mess and I did.

Making reeeaaalllyyy good and fancy *perfect* cards is NOT the point. I'm not good at crafts, I just enjoy them very very much. From time to time. :) I think the only thing important here is the love you put in your work. :)

Do you make your Christmas cards or not? Do they look better than mine? Probably yes. :) Do you send your family photos on Christmas? In Slovenia we don't do that. We're all so close together this isn't necessary. :)

So ... I wish you all some very nice Christmas holidays and a very very happy New year. :)

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