Monday, April 20

Bad day(s)

Sometimes it just sucks.


It's actually nothing, just a pile of small problems and inconveniences, but you know how it is when things like that pile one on top of another, a crappy weekend is what you get at the end:

I'm always happy to go h
ome on Friday, but this time I had no reason for that. I had to go directly to work which would be OK if my co-worker didn't annoy me all the time. Then my coach called and asked me if I am planning to come to the performance and all the training for it, because a certain someone said I'm missing practices too much. I guess I should mention that this person has missed more practices than me lately ... so... where is the point here? :P Argh ... I had to be angry AND at work, all at the same time.

My shift ended at midnight and I went home to get some sleep, because I had to get up in five hours (at 5 am) and go to work a
gain. That day was even worse ...
You know all that babbling about recession and financial crisis? Well Our boss decided to cut some expenses too so he decided that he needs two waitresses
only in the evenings, otherwise we can work alone. We just say we can't do that because we're too lazy... Whatever.
But being a waitress is not such an easy job. On Saturday I almost drowned in all the work, guests were annoying, someone even broke the coffee cup. I wouldn't mind that if he didn't spill his coffee all over the floor.
"Nooo, sir, it's no problem, really!" Yeah right.... Like I have time for cleaning this up right now... Things just went crazy and I couldn't see the end of it. To add the cherry on top, the next shift came in late, I managed to spill red wine over my WHITE T-shirt and I also accidentally tipped over something and scattered the whole bowl of horse radish cream all over my shoes!!! That hasn't been the cherry yet, actually. Then the boss called and said I should call another girl to come to work too. Thanks f
or telling me now ...

On Sunday we had a practice
with some other squads in our beloved capital Ljubljana. I left home early enough to make sure not to be late. To be honest, I wanted to be the first one to get there, so I wouldn't listen to some baseless reproaches again. It turned out I was an hour early! So after an hour and a half driving I had an hour of waiting to do because my teammates forgot to tell me that the practice starts an hour later? Thanks, mates, I love you all too. Not to mention that in the whole routine I only got ONE stunt to do. And even that one is the simplest (and most boring) stunt in the world ... Thanks again.

On my way home I was so angry about all the little ugly things that happened that weekend that I almost started to cry. Like there was a cloud above me, pouring down all the possible water in the world, like people forgot that
I even existed ...

Like nobody cared.

Yuck again.