Thursday, April 16

Some of my yummies ^^

I was always a bit clumsy when it came to houseworks and my cooking was limited to frying eggs, making pasta and hot dogs. Oops :) Things changed when I started to work during the holidays. I usually worked in a bar or something like that and I had to learn a lot of things: serving drinks, ice cream, making all kinds of coffee and most importantly - cleaning at the end of the shift. My skills improved a bit :)

Last September I got tired of working in a students' club that was full of party animals every weekend and found a new job - in a pastry shop! :) mmmmm.... Even before that I liked baking, especially muffins. My other projects mostly failed miserably. My mom's words were usually: "Well, it's... OK" ... with some weird expression on her face. :P

At the pastry shop I became more interested in pastries, of course. At the beginning from the taster's point of view only. :D Later I started to asist my co-workers at baking and decorating cakes, mixing ingrediendts for icings and stuff like that. I liked it a lot, especially when others said how good it was. :) So I also tried baking by myself, and here I present you a little bit of my yummie portfolio. ;)

Chocolate muffins with fried almonds / smarties:

Mr. Chocolate muffin: ^^

Chocolate & Orange cake I made for my friend:

Mini cake for my boyfriend's B-day - Pear cream filling & chocolate icing:

Strawberry cream roll for my friend's birthday:

I started spoiling my friends with sweet & chocolate stuff and that reflected my friends when they were getting me presents for my last birthday. I got 2 cook-boks and a lovely apron. :)

Well, my loved ones, I'd love to spoil you more in the future! ;)