Thursday, April 16

THE walk :)

Today was all about the spring, which is in full swing here. I love all the sunshine, blossoms, warmth and this wonderful beautiful spring. Unfortunately I had a lot of work to do today, I had to made up for all the Slovene syntax classes I missed, :| I had to finish my paper on characteristics of scientific texts, prepare for the discussion on Harold Pinter's Old Times and start to write the paper on oral evaluation in primary schools ... despite all that I decided I HAVE to go out for a walk today because the weather was just so beautiful.

Unfortunately the weather changed the minute I stepped out of my cosy little nest. Instead of sunshine and blue sky I only got cloudy windy greyness ... (photos taken with mobile phone)

I continued my walk to the Mariborski otok (the isle of Maribor) Where this sign greeted me:

And I was already thinking about taking a walk with Foxy. :(
The isle is really a great place to chill out, so calm and quiet, so I figured out that I could study for my exams there. I'd probably be less distracted by the birds, nature and people walking by than I am by my PC - MSN and facebook when I sit at my desk. :) Even Slovene syntax would probably look better then. ;)

I took a walk the grove and headed to the end of the isle to see the breakwater and hydroelectric power station, but my map-reading skills proved bad once more. I headed to the wrong end of the isle. :P Time passed quickly so I made for home, syntax exercises were still waiting for me.

Off I went, pleasantly tired, under that bridge and up the stairs, back to my cosy little nest.