Wednesday, May 27


The weather in Slovenia is moody lately and it gets me in several weird situations.
Today I remembered October '07, my first few weeks at uni, in some new town, among some new unknown people. I was confused for a while and once in the middle of November something not very pleasant happened to me. Just like every Sunday I packed my things and left for Maribor, but the first thing after getting there was calling my dad: "Is there any chance you're coming here anytime soon? I forgot all my long sleeve shirts at home, piled them up but forgot to put them into my suitcase." It was November. My dad wasn't coming anytime soon so I survived the whole week with the same jumper. And I learned my lesson!

Or maybe not ... Few days ago, on Sunday I called my schoolmate who was already in Maribor and asked her how the weather was there. She said it was hot. Hot like summer hot, 35°C hot. Ok great. I packed my stuff and left home and now, 2 days later, I sit here, freezing, because the temperatures suddenly dropped from 35°C to 18°C, it is rainy and windy. And I have no jacket and no sweater, only T-shirts. Lucky me.
Fortunately I have to study A LOT (fortunately, ha ha) so I'm at home most of the time and even when I have to go to school, that's only two minutes away.

Maybe I'll learn my lesson this time?
Be ready for anything! Just like McGyver. :P