Thursday, May 21

How I want my funeral

Creepy, I know.
And a bit early for these thoughts too, since I'm only 21, but here's the thing:

A while ago I went to some funeral. It practically stretched from Tuesday to Friday, including several little "events" and finally a big ceremony with loads of people and a repast after the ceremony with loads of food. I just felt there was too much going on.

And that was when I started wondering... Do I want to say goodbye like this? A big ceremonial funeral with people I didn't even know? Probably no ...
All I know is that I want a little, yet respectful thing without being a load to my family. I don't want money spent on luxurous coffins, boring ceremony, loads of food for the repast or the "top of the month" spot in the graveyard. :) I don't want people to spend money on funeral flower wreaths. I don't want them to worry what to wear. They don't even have to come, I know funerals are annoying. No choir, no priest, no nothing. I'm a simple person so make it simple.

What matters is how people will remember me, not my funeral. And if they'll keep me in good memories I don't need anything else. :)