Thursday, May 28

Poetry class

I'm not some kind of poet or anything like that. From time to time I put some verses together, just for fun (the badminton song, for example, because me & my boyfriend just bought new badminton rackets :)) )
Well, last year we had to do that at school and our pieces got marked. These are some of my poetry class homework, written in October and November '07. They have already been posted on my other blog so certain some of you know them already. :)

Here's the haiku I had to write for a grade:

A sleeping beauty -
Covered with warm, soft blankets
on sunday morning.

And this is another one. We were given a poem, but not the whole one. Our professor erased some verses and we had to fill the them in. Underlined things were put together by me:

Inversely proportioned

I came to you at sunrise
with loads of secret thoughts and dreams
sparkling in my gay hands

you smiled and made my dreams come true

I came to you at midday

with lots of passionate desires
flaming in my ardent arms

you turned and wondered what to say.

I came to you at sunset

with some innocent requests
Trembling on my uncertain lips

you laughed and didn't care at all.

I came to you at midnight

with angry voice and loud demand

clenched in my bitter fists

you didn't care, just walked your way

and took my fairy tale away.

These two examples aren't some quality pieces of work, but I really enjoyed that class. It was fun, getting to know the basic theory of poetry through such creative activities. :)