Monday, March 22

2 weeks until teaching practice!

Ugh ... I'm so nervous.

I've had English language didactics and Slovene language didactics courses for 5 months now but I still feel like I know NOTHING. And even if I do, all that theory doesn't help much.

On Friday I went to the school to see my menthors and talk things over. I prepared myself: I bought a new notebook especially for this purpose. I wrote down all the questions and I printed all the materials and forms I needed. I got up at 7am, I had my breakfast, freaked because I didn't have anything nice to wear because I just came home from uni and had to wash most of my clothes... and when I finally found something I dressed up and sat down. And I was sitting for another 2 hours because my meeting was at 10am. Did I mention I was nervous?

However, I went there expecting having a loooong talk about all the details because I probably expected everyone were so excited about it as I was. Well I was wrong. My Slovene language teacher menthor was so relaxed and friendly, she just gave me a pile of textbooks, reference book for teachers and some comfort and encouragement. She also said she would involve me in other activities like pupils' journalism club, individual help for pupils with special needs and so on and on. So far so good. She was "sympathetic" which was exactly what I needed.

On the other hand my other menthor, the English language teacher is a bit older and more experienced. She was nice too, but she didn't really know what there was to talk about. :D Any questions, anything unclear? Yeah, for example HOW DO I DO THIS?? :)

I know it probably sounds ridiculous and overreacting but that's how I feel about it right now, going into the unknown - a classroom full of crazy mean little kids! :) I am nervous. My friend, who already had her first teaching experience said she felt like she was going to die, but after the first few minutes she relaxed and everything went smoothly. You just have to start. I really hope that's true.

Every beginner needs motivation. I bought myself some. It was my new notebook which just couldn't be more appropriate for the occasion. Words of encouragement waiting for me every time I look at it. :)

Wish me luck! :)