Thursday, March 25


I have problems with sharing.

You see, at our faculty (and probably everywhere else) it's usual that every new generation of students of a certain major creates an e-mail account so that the teachers can send us meterials and the students share everything we have. It works in theory! Or, to be honest, the teacher part works. When it comes to students it just doesn't.

I can't understand it! I typed my Slovene literature II notes last year and at the end of the semester I sent that file to our e-mail for everyone to have. I did the same with this year's 1st semester's Slovene literature III notes. I sent my papers, I sent my presentations, I sent useful things I found online, I sent study materials I made for myself. No problem. Do you know what happens next? I send an e-mail asking for some notes I didn't have and ... no one answered.

And that's not all! In the last few months it happened that someone just deleted some files, for example the list of literature we need for some exam. I mean, you just can't be that rude and competitive.

Especially now, when we are preparing for our teaching practice. We made an agreement to send our lesson plans to other people but guess what happened again! There were exactly 3 plans sent and only two of them aren't mine.

It really makes me so angry. There are 60 people and only few of them are selfless enough to share. Why couldn't we all benefit from everyone's work?