Tuesday, March 30

My first time teaching

Yeah Yeah I know ... teaching AGAIN. But it's the teaching month now, since our teaching practice starts in a week.

Yesterday I was teaching for the first time. I was nervous, I couldn't sleep, I didn't know if my lesson plan was ok, I felt like I would run out of time, I was afraid pupils wouldn't talk at all, I was afraid of more or less everything. (Although my menthor, whom I only met through e-mail, was very encouraging: "Don't worry, everything will be fine".)

Thanks to heterogeneous groups type of lessons they have at that school (they make 3 smaller groups from the usual 2) there was only 15 pupils at my lesson yesterday. They were nice, they were standing up until I greeted them, they sat down and waited. I started with my lesson and they were surprisingly cooperative. They answered my questions, they did what I told them to do and to my horror we were done with the "theoretical" part of the lesson in 20 minutes! Ooops ... Well in the end that wasn't really that bad because they needed some more time to do the practical part.

You see, my topic were 2 formal text forms: bill form and order form. Pretty dull topic, I know. They knew everything in theory but they had some problems when they had to fill them in so I think 25 minutes for doing that wasn't too much.

Of course I had to deal with some special people - they are 15 now so I guess you can imagine what that means. Teenagers: extra hormones and extra I-wanna-be-noticed thing. :)

To sum up, I think I did ok, regarding the topic that was pretty boring. It was, after all, my first time. :) Now I'm a bit more motivated and I'm going to start writing lesson plans for my teaching practice right now! :)