Friday, April 16

Teaching practice report no. 2

The second week of my teaching practice was English week. Since I'm a double major student I teach two subjects: Slovene language and English language.

Teaching English is more fun because you can prepare absolutely anythin as long as it is related to the topic you're teaching. I didn't complicate much, I just prepared A LOOOOOT of photos. Learners, especially young ones, love interesting photos. Like this one, for teaching Present continuous tense:

What is Fluffy doing at the moment? He is watching TV. :)
What is he watching? "He is watching Animal planet!"

I was learning all the time, my other, mentor, a teacher of English was very helpful to me, she pointed out my weaknesses and praised my strengths. She especially liked my worksheets and Power Point presentations, that definitely drew children's attention.

I also get along with other teachers well. I would like to just stay there and chat and drink coffee forever. :D I like the school, I like the kids I like more or less everything. They said I should wait a bit and see the real picture, but still ... :)

Tomorrow's saturday but due to the wind day this school has to make up for the lost day. We are joining the national event "Let's clean Slovenia in one day". We'll be cleaning the rubbish around the town and trying to clean all the plastic bags that got stuck in the trees because of the wind. My mentor said I could stay at home because there will be no English or Slovene language related activities but I thought I could chat some more ... I just have to find my gloves ... :)