Friday, April 2


Yesterday I was spending my last day at uni before teaching practice break. My boyfriend was annoying me on the Gtalk while I was intending to study for today's term test. (lol) He said we should go somewhere during the break. But where should we go?

Let's look for the cheapest Ryanair tickets and then just go there. Sardegna? Could be ... but hostels are a bit expensive .... Birmingham? Hmm.. what's there to see? Well.. not much ... Liverpool? Hmm.. interesting idea! 2 return plane tickets for 98 €, a very nice hostel for 18€ per day ... that's really nice for a student-ish budget!

And so it happened. From boring rainy afternoon to exciting trip-planning. We'll go see the Beatles museum! And maybe Liverpool FC stadium. Or take a train to Manchester! Niiice. :)

I'm an English language major and I haven't been to an English speaking country yet. This is only a 4-day trip but you have to start somewhere, right? :) I'll send you a postcard. ;)

(You really can't find anything else when you Google "Liverpool" :)) )