Friday, April 30


I went to Liverpool for a weekend away and I didn't regret it. Liverpool has a lot of stories to offer. Where should I begin?

Albert's dock is a huuuge port. Or at least it was. The buildings were turned into museums. Tate gallery, Ship building museum with Titanic and Lusitania ... One of the most impressive museums is probably the International slavery museum. Since Liverpool had a very important port at that time, that was the place where most of the black slaves from africa were imported to. I will never get this slavery thing. Where did they get an idea like this? What if someone enslaved them? That probably wouldn't be so nice any more. One of the most important things in this museum to me, was the contemporary slavery and their campaign to stop it. Prostitution, trafficking, you name it. It's there.
The next thing are, of course, The Beatles! Do you love them? Or at least like tem? I do. :) They come from Liverpool and that's also where their museum, The Beatles Story is. You can walk through their story, listen to their great music all the time and get to know them better. They still keep their spirit around by running the cavern club where you can listen to live music every night. And drink beer and sing, of course. I realized some of their lyrics are really amazing.

What about football? Do you watch football? I know I have some American readers here and you know what? We are playing in the same group at the world cup. Algeria, Slovenia, England and America. Who do you think will win these matches? :) I'm not convinced by Slovene football but I saw that you can be a football fan if there is some good football to watch. English people are very faithful and supportive fans of their teams. We visited Liverpool football club's stadium and listened to its stories. There is a sad story about the hillsborough disaster. The club commemorated the deaths od 96 faithful fans with this mosaic:

What did I miss? Oh yeah, I know... Fish & chips and the beer!

And most important of all, the town was really nice, the people were ver friendly and even the weather wasn't very English. Wanna visit Liverpool? I definitely recommend it. :)