Tuesday, March 22

My Calvary

Teaching practice finished on Friday. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. Teaching teenagers from 15 to 19 is sooo much fun! They have so much to say - interesting opinions but also a lot of stupid comments, of course. Anyway, interesting!

Now I'm back to school and back to work. I have some papers to finish and some exams to study and prepare for. The weather is so much nicer now, so I decided to go outside and use it well. Today I went to the Calvary hill.

There's a story behind it. When I finished secondary school I was very excited to go away to school. I thought it would be so much fun, meeting new people, going to parties, going to school every now and then ... :) And I promised myself I'd explore Maribor very well! One of the first musts was the Calvary hill hike.

Unfortunately things didn't turn out that way. I came to Maribor, I didn't know anyone and although I'm a very sociable person I found it very hard to make new friends. I started to dislike Maribor very much and every week was just a countdown - 4 days till I go home. Of course I didn't care much about exploring the town any more.

I decided to change that, since it's my last semester here, so I went to the Calvary hill today! There are 405 steps leading to the top of the hill. I soon started to understand why it's called Calvary. Jesus suffered when he was crucified there, but I suffered for my sins too, except mine were mostly shaped like sandwiches, muffins and pizzas.

The wiev from the top was rewarding. You can see the whole town, the Drava river, the Pohorje ski slopes (where Golden Fox competition takes place) and the agriculture school's estate - vineyards, orchards, fields ...

And back down:

So I made a little change today. And I'm not really alone here any more either. Last year I made some real friends and today we'll party like never before. :))