Wednesday, March 2

Teaching practice next week yay! :)

Next week I start my teaching practice - this time in secondary school. That means I will have to deal with crazy teenagers from age 15 to 19. Crazy, I tell you! :)

Imagine an average student and imagine me as a teacher: I'm 160 cm / 5.2 foot tall, I wear glasses and the most important thing of all - braces! I look like I'm 16! I'm sure someone will say: "Hey, you, what are you doing up there? The teacher is coming!" My first step to avoid that is getting some proper adult clothing and footwear. We'll see hot that goes. :)

Anyway, I have already finished writing my Slovene literature lesson plans. This year I'll be dealing with "the greatest Slovenian poet" - France PreŇ°eren. One of his poems became our national anthem later, I have to cover that one too.

I started looking for some useful web pages for English as a foreign language. I have already added One Stop English and BBC Learning English to my bookmarks. I have to tell you, those Acronyms can be quite confusing. EFL, ELD, TEFL, whatever! The point is I'm a non-English person, who is trying to teach some non-English students English. Clear? :)

Their professor assigned me two topics: Migrations & immigrants and describing a town/city/place. That shouldn't be too hard, but the third thing I have to teach them is the famous reported speech, which is quite difficult for Slovene students because we have no back-shifting of the tenses in our language.

Now here's a question for you: