Tuesday, June 7

The Countdown revisited.

Do you remember my countdown? The neverending list of things I need to do before I start writing my thesis? Here it is again. It's been scribbled on a bit. Some exams are crossed off, I've managed to get rid of 7 items since January. Some have a date next to it and they belong to my BigSummerPlan!

I'm already tired of studying. The reason is mostly the subject I'm revising at the moment. I have to learn a lot of things by heart and I find that incredibly painful. I cant wait for the next two exams: American literature (short story, drama and modern poetry) and post-colonial literature in English (Africa, India, Australia, Caribbean). That should be a lot of fun. :)

The other thing is ... this is my last week of classes at this faculty / with my school mates *e*v*e*r*. And I still don't know whether I'm happy to finish or sad because it's over. Those four years went by so fast.

I wish they would have started as good as they are finishing. :)