Sunday, October 2


Do you get homesick when you go away from home? I don’t if I know I’ll be home soon, but this time is a little bit different.

It's my fifth day in Exeter, UK, and from time to time I'm still working hard to resist tears coming from my eyes. There’s nothing I could do, I'm a crier. Nothing helps. J

Exeter is a very nice city and the weather has been great for the last few days. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. Perfect for catching a cold (which I did) but oh well. I'll survive. City centre is great for shopping, all women love that. I've met some moms at school, where I take the kids to, the people are all very nice and helpful and I’ve met some new friends which is also perfect! I can't wait for that party tonight with our mixed nationality group made of Erasmus students, au pairs and others that found themselves living in Exeter. J
It’s the time when I come to my bedroom that is problematic. Or when I have nothing to do and no one is at home to care. Or when I make dinner and one of the kids says it’s horrible, then my tears are just waiting to burst out and I want to cry like a baby. Moooommmy! Come and get me!

Since everything else is great I think I’ll get over my tearing syndrome successfully, too. J