Friday, July 31

Our little nest ;)

A while ago my boyfrend came out with an idea that we should arrange a little appartment of our own. He lives in his parents' house but the ground floor appartment was still empty. (With the bathroom and kitchen already furnished, but that's another story :) ) So all we had to do was to furnish the living & dining room. What came out is a little modest funky flat. There are things missing like shelves and a bit of personalization but we're working on that. It's very small and yet cosy. :) What do you think? :)

I'm already fully equipped :)

Small appartment - no rooms. "corners" are a substitution for them :)
So here's the dining corner ...

...working & study corner ....

... and lazy corner :D

I'm not moving in for quite some time but I'm already looking forward to it. ;)