Thursday, July 30


I finally went to see a doctor today about that groin pain. I was scared to death because I felt dizzy already when I thought about it. My goal was to find the source of that pain and to find a solution for it and of course not to faint. :P Mission NOT accomplished. Well I didn't faint, but I was close. :P My doctor said there's nothing terribly wrong with me and that I have most probably strained or torn that muscle or sinew or diaphragm or whatever there is and that there's nothing to help me. Except resting.
Unfortunately I'm a sport lover so... hiking, running, rollerblading, cheerleading, gymnastics, so long. I'll go crazy. Yesterday I did Mary Winsor pilates and I didn't feel any weird pain so maybe I'll be doing that dor a while or I'll just change into a big fat pig because I can't sport. :(

However ... Always look on the bright side of life, right? :)
Despite my grumpiness about my stupid leg I had a great time last weekend. We took some time off and went to Lignano, Italian seaside to go to the beach a little and to the Fatboy Slim "concert" in the evening.

I loooveed the view of the sea, this year I've been busy with exams and I still have one more to pas in August so ... no holidays for me until then ... One afternoon at the beach felt great :)

Sand, sun, wind ... mmmmm :) But of course.. why would everything be perfect? I have to complain about something again. :)) Jellyfish!!! Luckily it just touched me lightly so all I had was an itchy rash that dissappeared in a few hours :) Lucky me ;)

And of course, a party in the evening. I really love Fatboy Slim's music, it's the non-boring kind of electronic music. And he's really fun! I checked him on wikipedia (lol) and he's almost fifty and still a party animal. Love him :))

Next week I'll go back to my school work. Syntax, I love you. NOT. :))
Have fun, everyone*