Tuesday, July 21

Just zip it! ... and unbelievable parenting skills.

Zip it!
Well, easier said than done.
Yesterday me and my half sister decided to sew. She's 10 and I'm 21. I brought brown microfibre to make pillowcases, matching the sofa at my boyfriend's place and for her we bought some pink girly fabric with flowers and butterflies.
And just so you know,
I can't sew
. I am just trying to.

So we got to work, had some fun, didn't really know how to do most of things but we tried... the products were obviously very ammateur-like.
The fun stopped when the zipper time came! How to sew the zipper in? Hmm.. I tried. And then I tried really hard. And then I pricked myself with a needle. And then I started to get nervous. And when I finally did it it was weird. Whatever ... :)
Today things went better. I sewed a pink zipper in for the little one and then another brown one for my pillowcases and then I was all thrilled how easy have things become and I wanted to sew the last one in and then.... ! The sewing machine redemption. Arrgh! It just didn't want to sew the zipper. Maybe it is allergic to it. The thread was tearing, the fabric started to wrinkle up and I started to get nervous again. After my xy-th attempt without ANY succes I just tore the zipper away, folded the fabric, put it into a bag, added the zipper and took it to the tailor next door. It was just too much for me :P (and the poor zipper almost started to fall apart too)

And what about the parenting skills?
Well, one of my t(my precious dad) is a very special person. And not in a good way :P Today my little sister told me he said that the pillowcases were badly made. "He said we should have made a border! I told him it was all home made and those little things made it special and that we didn't really know how to sew because we did it for the first time but he answered that it would all fall apart and that home made things are usually better and more quality than the ones you can buy in supermarkets!" Well ... being supportive and motivating, huh?!

Thx god she's tough ...