Sunday, September 20

Howdy! How's it goin'?


I am SO tired right now. This weekend really was exhausting. I still speak and think in English every now and then :) My friends Acacia and Brooke from US came over. They are studying in Florence Sept.-Dec. so they decided to visit me for a few days. We have driven all over this small country (we've really done that too much :S ) and have seen so many beautiful things. But I think that the beautiful things aren't always the one that make our day. So can I tell you some extraordinary or not so "every day" stories that will definitely represent this weekend with my friends in my memory? :)

1) This poor guy! We were driving down the street and there was this guy pushing his car on the sidewalk because it has broken down. We just thought that was bad... but what a bad luck! When he was pushing it down the street he had another accident - he accidentally pushed his car into the pole and damaged it even more! Ahh :/ :)

2) Japanese tourists - so annoying sometimes! We met a group of them when we went to see the cave, we were kind of late and some woman asked me to take a photo of in front of something completely insignificant. OK. Half an hour later that same woman annoyed me again and I took another photo of her. We took of for Bled which is 102 km away and THAT SAME LADY came by again and asked us to take a photo of her. I mean .. what the f... ... ? :D

3) The dogs thing: Acacia was taking photos of the village for her landscape photography assignment and she wanted to take a photo of some cows. They were really cute but then a bunch of dogs rushed down the street, barking and snarling. Sounds horrible? They were all 20 cm tall and they looked like a bunch of rats. But still, they were brave as lions, ran into us and ripped Acacia's trousers. We were laughing and being shocked at the same time! Those dogs are crazy, for sure :P My boyfriend's mother is really good at sewing, luckily. :)

4) Today we went to Slovenian coast and we found this great second-hand book store. Acacia bought some prayer books for her father and I also found something great. 2 Balzac's books, one Voltaire's, Hemingway's For Whom the Bells Tolls and another one I can't remember right now. 5 books for 10 €! That shop definitely is a great find and the owner is funny too. We saw him few hours later, lying down at the beach and just chilling. He just said: "I have a great job, don't you think?" .. and smiled. :)

5) The great view: Acacia wanted to go paragliding. We were all ready to go so we went up the hill, she was already equipped to fly and suddenly the wind changed. We were waiting for the right wind to come but it just didn't come. We sat upthere for 2 hours! But we really had a GREAT view. :)

... aah I'm just so tired right now :S I hope they arrived home without any problems - Italian railways are unfortunately not known for their reliability. :) I'm going to head to bed now ... What are your non-typical stories from your trips? :)