Wednesday, September 16

Lazy ... y. :)

Oooh, I've heard I don't write enough so that people worry if I'm still alive. I am! I promise! :))

I have some news!
After studying and studying and learning and doing exercises and studying .. blah ... :S

...the best news is definitely the one about passing Slovene Sytnax exam with a 10! That's the highest possible grade and it's my first 10 in 2 years of studying and I am very happy about it :D Of course my schoolmates mock me now and call me a nerd but I don't care much ... Well I hope they don't mean it :P That same professor is also teaching us word formation next year so it's good to have a bonus and a good reputation ;)

Index books are getting old and passé since we have all grades online but this one was worth of taking a picture ;)

When I thought Iwas done with school for this summer I still had to apply for the next year - papers papers papers!!! I hate Bureaucracy! :)

Now that I'm done with that too I enjoy my month of holidays ... I sleep in in the mornings, go out with my friends in the evening, I am being a party animal from time to time, I went to the beach for the weekend, I spend time with my boyfriend's little nephew (he's adorable!! we watch cartoons together ;) ) I bake cakes and muffins - a little bit of everything....

This weekend my friends from America are coming over and we're going to have a small Slovenia trip - we're all excited and you'll know about it for sure!!

But now I have to go and be lazy again :))