Tuesday, November 24

Our Beloved Professors.

I'm not in a very good mood right now. Looks like the time's not right to be in a good relationship with our professors. When I just started to believe things get a bit more humaine and adult when you get to the university my last two classes proved me wrong.

At linguistic practice class we were working on an article about travelling. What is the difference between a traveller and a tourist? Does travelling broaden our minds?
"Yes, of course," I said ... every new information broadens your mind a bit, especially if you experience it yourself. No matter what that is. And the professor asked: "Really? Are you sure? Do you get to know a country when you go sight-seing?"
In my opinion you always see and notice other things besides sight-seeing. You can't just be blind for your surroundings or what? You see people, little shops, places they live and everything. While you're doing sight seing. I don't believe in that phrase anyway.
"Well do you think you really get to know people and their lifestyle there when you stay in a hotel?" Then my eyes started rolling around. That's an automatic when someone annoys me. I guess she never couch-surfed or stayed in a HOSTEL. I just don't think the tearm "broaden" should be limited to knowing the country and people (if we're talking about travelling now) in-depth. I don't see it as some kind of enlightment or revelation, great discovery! Small things can broden your mind too! She claimed you have to be there at least three weeks to get to know things well. Well I don't need to know everything! I was in rome for 2 hours when I discovered that it's a dirty and smelly city full of gipsies who want to sell you stuff everywhere you go. Is that broadening my mind? Did I see the real picture of the "eternal city" I think I did.

Today we had word formation class which pissed me off even more. Last time I couldn't come because I had a presentation in some other class. Yes, it's really cool to be a double-major student, you have 2 classes at the same time, yay!
However, there was a homework to do. We had to find clippings, acronyms and initialisms, 10 examples of each. Of course, no problem. Unfortunately I started doing that before I copied the notes from the lecture so some examples were the same. Then a girl who was called before me listed even those "new" clippings that I had left. When I came to the blackboard there were only 2 left that weren't listed before. Great. She wasn't impressed. For initialisms I first listed ASAP and she said that doesn't count because that's computer language. Well I'm sorry if you're falling, behind, dear professor but that is everyday speech! I'm afraid someday thoughts like this will just escape through my mouth ...

And suddenly the professor started yelling at me!
"Is this a homework or what? You are not creative at all! I Expected more, you know ..."
I was just staring at her... at the age of 21 I was scolded for not doing my (stupid, primary school-like) homework properly! I felt like in 5th grade when my math teacher called me up, checked my homework and wrote a notice to my parents because I only had hearts and scribblings all around. Pretty much horrible :P

I'm just going to rock another stupid home task on word formation. This time I'm looking for blends so if you have any, please share. I'll have a cogent argument for her - these are from native speakers, dear professors. I Hate you too. Thanks. Bye. :P