Monday, November 23


It was Wednesday and there was this so-very-important soccer match. Slovenia vs. Russia. Only one can compete in the world championship, who will that be?

I SO don't care. :P I just wished for Russia to win. Of course people would be disappointed but they would forget about it in a week or so...

And what happened? Slovenia won! And what now? I will have to listen about it for months! People praise them 24/7, players have receptions at the President's, singers are already writing anthems, the mayor of our capital, Ljubljana, promised a new stadium and nonsense after nonsense ... And I'm so sick of it! They talk about them like they're some kind of gods or something and I can just imagine them competing at the worlds ... and coming to grief because they became so full of themselves they will forget how to play. (Just like once before, remember? )

I'm sick of them because we have many other good (or better, in my opinion) athletes, who constantly show us their qualities but are quickly forgotten (by their sponsors, too) because their disciplines aren't that popular. For instance, I'm talking about Aljaž Pegan on horizontal bar, his colleague Mitja Petkovšek on paralell bars, our excellent cross-country skier Petra Majdič, Slovenian sailors, Olympic and world champion in hammer throwing Primož Kozmus ... and everyone forgot about Rajmond Debevec and the rowing couple - Iztok Čop and Luka Špik because they have won so many times it's not even interesting any more ...

On Wednesday evening facebook was full of South Africa stuff, full of "yays" and "congratz" and "Slovenia's going forward" and I just thought how stupid everything was.

Bleh. :P