Monday, November 30

Too much imagination

I said I'll go to bed soon tonight because I was so tired today... I couldn't sleep last night (which happens way too many times) and a crying homesickness attack didn't help much with getting me a proper rest. I know, I know. I leave home for 4 days every week and I get homesick. Does this make sense? Not really.

However ... a lot has been going on lately, especially with my doctors. I have this weird groin pain problem for over a year now and last week I decided to get another doctor and get things fixed. Successfully? Not really. Well yes.. getting another doctor worked out great, I'm really happy with her. But groin pain? Went to the ultrasound and they checked for about thousand things bud didn't find anything special... I was really frustrated about that, driving home in tears ... I'm a whimperer, I know. Can't help it. :) We went through my medical file with my new doctor and what happened was that we realized we forgot about one thing.

I have a bone disease of some sort, that I "inherited" from my dad. Well it's not really a disease, I just grow extra bones where definitely NOT needed. :D It is called hereditary multiple exostoses and in my case it is definitely not as bad as you can see on the photo on Wiki. I have already had two surgeries but considering the fact I was a cheerleader and a dancer for 9 years that wasn't an obstacle. Well now as I'm getting old(er) it's becoming an obstaclce. My groin pain is most likely to be another exostosis that is irritating the muscles around it. I'm getting an X-ray on Friday and then we'll see.

I totally made this post too long. What I wanted to say in the beginning was that I was trying to go to bed and had some stupid thoughts...maybe a bit inapropriate too ... :)) That always happens. However.. I was thinking about how stupid it would be to have another operation ... and on my hip! P.E. professor was making fun of me because I wasn't really active at his class. "Do you have a plastic hip already?" Well, maybe we're not far from that, lol! And then I started to think about how unfair it is to inherit a disease. And then! I just started to sing a (slightly adapted) song in my head:

"I got it from my papa,
I got it from my papa!
Baby where'd you get your weird body from?
Tell me where'd you get your bones from?
I got it from my papa, I got it from my papa!

He would kill me if he heard that ... :D