Monday, November 2

Autumn weekend

I found another part time job some time ago and I can do it whenever I want and as much as I want to. It brings me enough money to and so I deciced to quit my other part time job in a cafe. I have weekends for myself now, I can do whatever I wand and my legs don't hurt any more either. :) Weekend free time was so cool. It actually gives me time for some activities! Autumn really kicked in in the last few day so we also had some autumn activities. :)

Halloween is't a tradition here. It is considered commercial and "imported" and a lot of people don't like it because of that. We didn't do any trick or treating, but we carved a pumpkin anyway! :) It can't be compared to Skye's pumpkins but I like mine because of its simplicity. :) I am low-key. Since I almost killed last year's pumpkin my boyfriend decided I should only choose a stencil and he would carve it. This is what it looked like in the evening. :) Difficult thing to carve, right? :)

A funny kind of creepy. :) We finished our carving experiment with a good measure of roasted chestnuts and a glass of red wine. :)

On Sunday I decided to take a walk in the nature and photograph some of those beautiful autumn colors. I am not much of a photographer and later it also turned out it is still to warm in our valley for those shades of red, brown and yellow. But the yellow vines really pop out in that green grass.

Foxy didn't seem to mind any lack of colors. As long as there's a stick to fetch, of course. :)

And there was also a very curious Mr. Horse.

To find some more autumn colors we headed for the hills in the afternoon - and we were awarded. After a cold morning we were surprised how warm it was 800 meters higer. Thermal did it's thing and the paragliders took advantage of it. :)

Foxy is crazy about any kind of outside activity or field trip, but a nice view, that's something new. :P

And we finally found some more colors!

The weekend is over and I'm back to cold, rainy Maribor. Back to school. :) But another weekend isn't that far away. :)