Wednesday, October 7

Best postcard contest!

I have just moved today. I moved to another dorm room. I changed my double for single, finally! :) I spent the whole day cleaning it, I am sure my predecessor wouldn't pass any of those sanitary inspections!

Anyway ... now I have to decorate it, because it is still quite plain ...

So here's the contest! I am kindly asking you to send me interesting, cute, funny postcards. :) My address is:

Katja Krape┼ż
Študentski dom 4
Gosposvetska 83
2000 Maribor

Deadline? When I get enough of them :D

And the prize for the best one?
One of those beautiful paperblanks 2010 dayplanners! Mailing included. :)

I look forward to getting your mail ;)