Tuesday, May 3


I used my "spring break time" well and went on a road trip to Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Monaco and Monte Carlo (with many many other students).

I liked Spain or Catalunya, to be more exact, for many reasons:

- The food: I love seafood and they have plenty.

- The marketplace was amazing:

- The language - I love it! There are Spanish and Catalan, which I like even better, since it is a mix between Italian, Spanish and French. At least for me it is. :)

- People - very good looking. :)
And mostly very friendly ... like our barmaid in Lloret de Mar:

Sun, perfect beaches, cocktails, always something going on ...
what else do you need?

Their style is also special ... all those guys: Picasso, Gaudí, Salvador Dalí ... must have been high half of their life. :)

The feeling I always get with these things is some kind of longing for metropolitan life.Where I come from we all know each other. That's not very hard if you live in a small country like Slovenia where there are basically no cities at all. Just a few towns and a gazillion of villages. I feel like I could hide well in a big open minded city (full of HOT guys) like Barcelona. ;) But you know how this goes, longing can only fulfil its purpose when you can't really get the thing you want. I could go and live somewhere else, but then I'd just yearn for going home again. :)