Tuesday, May 24


I'm trying to be careful about what I eat for a week now. It is not as much of a problem as I expected it to be. I feel much better now and I don't pass out every time I want to take the stairs. :P

I have a huge craving, though. I'd kill for a seafood pizza!

I checked online if I could eat some and found out that pizza has about 1400 calories, which is 200 more than I eat in a whole day! What have I been eating for the last few years?! I didn't even know! My friends say it's better not to know. :)

Now I mostly focus on vegetables. I try to avoid fat and carbs and get more proteins, which isn't that easy. I'm slowly running out options.

And another thing I hate about losing weight: Your first centimeters don't go off your waist or thighs, but off your breasts! :S