Friday, May 6


Last night I watched a wonderful documentary about four babies from around the world. The title of the film - Bébé(s) - is very simple, as well as the film itself.

"This movie shows the development of four babies from birth to about one year old. They are from extreme different cultures - Namibia, Mongolia, Japan and the United States. /.../ The diversity among them was part of the narrative. Namibia appeared barely touched by technology; Tokyo utterly transformed its landscape. It was interesting that the Japanese parents sang the birthday song in English and that the simple yurt the Mongolians lived in had an accompanying satellite dish. It is also amazing that each baby's unique personality emerges so early in their lives."
(IMDb user review

I had quite a few laughs when watching how these cute little guys were dealing with their problems. My only thought at the end of the film was that we should ponder on ourselves, enormously expensive baby carriages, tons of Pampers and just about everything we complicate so much at.