Saturday, October 17

Memories: A funny story

Me and my friend went to school together for 12 years. And when we were together we always ended laughing because of something really stupid. And this is what happened to us 2 years ago:

I study in Maribor and she studies in Ljublana, the capital of Slovenia. I had an examinaton at the orthopedist there so I asked her if I can sleep over at her place so that I won't have to take the early train to be in time for the appointment. Of course, no problem. I came there a night before, we hung out, watched TV etc.

Before she went to bed she told me she only has one key so we had to plan our day a bit because our schedules varied. No problem, I said. You just let me sleep in and when I leave the flat I will lock the door and put the key under the door mat. Deal! Off to bed she went. And I to the sofa. :P

I heard her getting up and getting ready for classes, then she left. I got up about an hour later, turned on the TV for some music, got myself ready and then wanted to leave. But where did she leave that key for me? Hmm ... I was searching for it for a few minutes, no succes. I really didn't want to leave the flat unlocked, what to do?

I decided to risk it and headed out. But shoot! The door was locked! :) Hmm.. :) Then I realized she probably locked me in. Yay for me.

I tried calling her, but "the number was not avalible at the moment", I looked around if I could find any of her shool mate's phone number. No succes. I searched the entire house for an extra key, there wasn't any. I was in second floor so the window wasn't an option. and Guess what? I was already late for the appointment! Well ... I had nothing left to do than to lay down on the sofa and play tetris on my cell phone. And of course I phoned her every 10 minutes but there was obviously something wrong with the network because I couldn't get her. *Sigh*

Suddenly - the phone rings, it was her. She almost sounded a bit angry: "Did you leave me the key under the mat?!" And I just said: "Emm.. no... I couldn't find the key." She answered, sounding even madder than before: "What do you mean you can't find the key?! I left it under the door mat!"


"OH F**K! Did I really do that??"


"When do you have your appointment?"
"Half an hour ago ..."

It was funny and messy and everything at the same time. :D A very smart thing to do, I must say. To lock me in and leave the key under the mat. Nice one, *clap* *clap*! :D

We laughed lke crazy, she rushed back home and I was at the hospital 30 minutes later. The orthopedist took me anyway so ... all is well that ends well. And we also proved that early hours prevent someone to use common sense and logic. ;)