Tuesday, October 27

First set of postcards

Ok. I didn't get any postcard for 14 days and then some people felt sorry for me and sent me some. :D However ... I was asked to put them online so here's the first set of them. I'm expecting more, of course. :P

The first one I bought myself. It is just so cute. There's this little guy called Lumpi which is actually some big Slovenian merchant "mascot" but is very much loved among us. :)) This postcard says "I think about you a lot" and I just had to have it. :)

The second one is from my friend who locked me in that day. :D That's also a very nice postcard. It says: "What makes me happy? An empty head. Because I know I had carried out everything I had in mind." :)

Next is Skye. She sent me 3 lovely postcards with old pictures of her town - explanation included! In these pictures we can see the old train station, an old elevator and a local gallery that was previously a library and a post office. Thanks Skye! :)

And the last one is the funniest! I just got it today. It's from my friend Tine who found a good idea online. He googled my nickname and then used pictures that came up! Nice one, I have to admit. :))

Here are some details:

I can't wait to get more! Although the student responsible for the mail thinks there's something weird going on becaus I got 5 postcards in 2 days. :))

So long :)